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author_liz cain_dealers choice series_dealers choice book 1 ebook.jpg

One moment of pain and despair, one moment where I thought my world was going to end. That I would lose him. Would you trade your soul for someone you loved? I did.

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The Shadow Witch Legends

Coming Soon - watch this space!

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Coming Soon - watch this space!

Coauthored Books

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author_anne k whelan & liz cain_ tales of darkness and fate_rotten to the core ebook.png

The Tales of Darkness and fate is a series of standalone stories depicting fairytales as you’ve never seen them before. Intended for readers 18 and over these tales are told within the paranormal romance genre. If you like sexy villains and diabolical schemes then you will love this fantastical series.

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He hunts her kind and she can’t remember what she is. Fated mates and enemies to lovers with a twist. Follow this shifter romance with second chance love, when Aine is betrayed by someone she thought she could trust she must claw back her memory before she is too late to save her pack.

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portals of science and magic_a kingdom of air and desire ebook.png

Portals of Science and Magic

Coming Soon - watch this space!

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