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One moment of pain and a terrible choice. Would you sell your soul to save the man you love, she did and is living with the consequences. 

Triggers for Series: scenes of violence, occasional poor language, deal with a devil, infertility, mental health, excessive alcohol consumption

Dealer's Will: Dealer's Choice book 0.5
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Would you sell your soul to save someone you love? I did and it was a mistake.

Driven to desperate measures, Morgan strikes a dangerous deal with a local crossroads demon, hoping to save the man she loves when he falls fatally ill. Little does she know that her decision will set in motion a chain of events with dire consequences. "Dealer's Will" immerses you in a prequel of dark choices and haunting consequences. As Morgan makes her fateful deal, the boundaries between light and darkness blur, and the line between salvation and damnation becomes perilously thin.

Brace yourself for a thrilling journey into the depths of temptation, sacrifice, and the blurred line between love and regret.

"Dealer's Will" is set as a prelude to the riveting saga "Dealer's Choice," this tantalizing tale unravels the secrets behind Morgan's origin and why she is the way she is.

Warning: This story contains violence and a brief scene that is sexual in nature.

Spice level: This series is Urban Fantasy and light in romance

Available wide in ebook only.

Dealer's Choice: Dealer's Choice Book 1
author_liz cain_dealers choice series_dealers choice book 1 ebook.jpg

He finally caught up. I never should have made that deal.

One moment of pain and despair, one moment where I thought my world was going to end. That I would lose him. Would you trade your soul for someone you loved? I did.

It didn't go as planned and now I'm stuck serving a demon for eternity. At least he thought so...

After finding a way to escape my service, I'm on the run. Taking his most valuable possession with me. I live in constant fear of being found. No one has ever escaped the devil before so he will come for me. I have to be ready, one way or another.

Warning: This story contains violence

Spice level: This series is Urban Fantasy and light in romance

Available for free in Kindle Unlimited. 

Print available wide in paperback and hardcover

Dealer's Soul: Dealer's Choice Book 2
author_liz cain_dealers choice series_dealers soul book 2 ebook.png

What the hell is a guardian and why does everyone think I am one?

I’ve been running for centuries and finally decided enough is enough. If Alaric wants me then he can come and get me. Without his assassin to do his dirty work he might have to make an effort to bring me back to Hell.

It has been months since I outed myself and here I am dress shopping for a teenager as if my life might not fall apart at any moment. It was almost a relief when a water dragon exploded into my life and I’m confronted by the Matriarch of a species thought to be extinct.

With the council on its way to Chicago to confront me and the Hunters making a move against supernaturals, I find myself undercover and facing an old enemy.

Who am I kidding? I’m loving life right now.

Dealer's Loss: Dealer's Choice book 3
author_liz cain_dealers choice series_dealers Loss book 3 ebook.png

Am I doomed to make the same mistake again? Will this time be different?

Oops. I did it again. I sold my soul for a man that I…well let’s not use the ‘L’ word. After 500 years Alaric finally has me where he wants me and while I’m with him the whole of the supernatural world is at stake.

The Stone of Solarius has been destroyed and released a sickness among those who have magic. Soon all the world will have left is humans and demons who can hide out in Hell until this is all over.

I won’t let that happen. First, it’s time to escape Hell, once and for all.


Warning: This story contains violence and bad language.

Spice level: This series is Urban Fantasy and light in romance

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