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The Tales of Darkness and fate is a series of standalone stories depicting fairytales as you’ve never seen them before. Intended for readers 18 and over these tales are told within the paranormal romance genre. If you like sexy villains and diabolical schemes then you will love this fantastical series.

Trigger warnings for Series: violence, sex, manipulation, narcissistic partner,  death of a parent, loss of a child.

Rotten to the Core: Tales of Darkness and Fate
author_anne k whelan & liz cain_ tales of darkness and fate_rotten to the core ebook.png

Every fairytale princess gets her happy ending but what about the villain?​

Before I was named The Evil Queen, I longed for my own happy ending. My tale is one you will not expect. With vampire hoards attacking my home, I make a decision to save the ones I love. Now I'm having to live with the consequences of my actions.​


Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who's the most fearsome of them all?​


Based on Snow White fairy tale, Rotten to the Core is told from the Evil Queen’s point of view.

Warning: This is a fantasy romance book containing violence and sexually explicit scenes, recommended for readers over the age of 18

Power of a name: Tales of Darkness and fate
author_anne k whelan & liz cain_ tales of darkness and fate_power of a name ebook.jpg

Selling your firstborn for the ability to spin straw to gold doesn’t make you a villain in a fairy tale, but what if the child never belonged to you in the first place?

In the elderfae realm to love a human is a death sentence. Risking all for the love of a human king, Rumpel sought to alter her people’s fate. Unveiling an ancient power, she bargains with humans to aid her cause and help them have a choice in who they can love. Betrayed by a human female coveting the power to spin gold she seeks vengeance fourteen years later by claiming the human’s firstborn.

Spindle, spindle turns straw to gold. With a broken deal comes secrets untold.

Based on the Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale, Power of a Name is told from Rumpelstiltskin’s point of view and follows her life in the elderfae realm.

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