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He hunts her kind and she can’t remember what she is. Fated mates and enemies to lovers with a twist. Follow this shifter romance with second chance love, when Aine is betrayed by someone she thought she could trust she must claw back her memory before she is too late to save her pack.

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The Royal Pack


The Royal Pack Book 1

Imagine waking up on the edge of the woods with no memory of who you are or how you got there.

Aine doesn't know where she came from or who she is. Her memories soon claw their way out and who can blame her for thinking herself a monster? Lachlan was trained by his father to hunt her kind but can't bring himself to harm her. Together they must figure out her past, before the life she can't remember is destroyed.


The Royal Pack Book 2

The gripping tale of the Royal Pack continues.

As prophesies converge into an uncertain future. Every decision counts when the wrong one could mean the difference between peace or destruction for all. Three years after Rolan’s betrayal, Aine and Lachlan work to protect their pack from his sinister plans unaware of his dark master.

This war will determine the ultimate fate of all.


The Royal Pack Book 3

Aine and Lachlan have searched for Eloi for months with no luck. Their pack is working in harmony with hunters and hybrids but with no leads they are losing hope. They must learn what happened in the past to secure their future, but with the remaining packs hidden and Rolan's growing numbers they are running out of time.

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